Coaching with Nancy allowed me to let go of some long held resentments and feel more at peace. She taught me to reframe my thoughts about some difficulties I was experiencing, which gave me more freedom and peace in those areas of my life. Nancy made me feel supported and understood. I highly recommend Nancy as a coach and a mentor.
— Jan

Happy Clients


Nancy is such an inspiration and a person that makes you feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts. She has helped me build confidence and develop meaning in the person I am and seek to become in the future. 

— Jasmine

Nancy has helped me to focus and identify issues that I have tried to address in counseling for over 30 years. Looking forward with Nancy's direction, rather than back is challenging me and helping me to realize that I have more power and control over my life than I ever imagined.

— Patricia

Nancy is an amazing life coach. She is very empathetic, extremely personable and always encouraging. My sessions with her have helped me work through both personal and professional obstacles, gain clarity, and move forward in my life. She gives excellent perspective and insight and offers alternative ways to view things. It’s wonderful to have such a supportive person by your side. Working with Nancy has truly been a life-changing experience.

— Kelli

You shared the CTFAR tool, which is incredibly beneficial. Using this tool helped me to make the changes I needed to at work, which made me want to go to work now versus dreading going to work. I also love that this tool is something I can use in all aspects of my life.

— Jennifer


I was struggling at work. I was feeling and thinking I needed to leave and find a new job. My professional goals were not being met and I was unmotivated to go to work.  Through Nancy's coaching sessions, I was able work  through the issues I was struggling with. I now go to work motivated and excited to be there. Yes, like everyone, there are bad days, but I'm no longer letting the challenges and obstacles stop me from accomplishing what I want professionally.

— jen