Find Your Joy

I can help you understand and gain perspective on how your mind works. Together, we can take your life from good to AWESOME!


Specialist in Non-Profit Sector Careers

Do you work in non-profit fund development? Are you losing joy in your career due to poor leadership? Before you change paths, consider talking to someone who has been in the industry for over 20 years - I can help you find solutions.

A Life Coach is a Personal Trainer for Your Mind. I Can Help You:

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Gain Control

Don’t be a slave to your emotions any longer. Get insight into how your brain operates and be able to determine how you react to everyday stressors.

Unravel Any Problem

Treat the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. This will lead to an actionable solution that will lead to tangible change.

Change Negative Emotions

By replacing outdated programming from your past with new belief systems, we can reprogram your mind to create anything you want for your life.

Together we can get a handle on your…









Nancy is such an inspiration and a person who makes you feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts. She has helped me build confidence and develop meaning in the person I am and seek to become in the future.
— Jasmine